Activities aim at improving the management and the quality of services

Doctors are responsible for the ward they work in. They:

  • Perform clinical activities.
  • Support the organisational and clinical management.
  • Develop and apply clinical guidelines and protocols.
  • Ensure capacity building: coordinating, training and supervising the hospital health staff.
  • Collaborate in the data collection and analysis

Nurses and midwives collaborate in the staff management and capacity building by:

  • Performing clinical activities.
  • Cooperating to the development and application of guidelines and protocols.
  • Supervising and training health staff.
  • Supporting ward/delivery room organisation and management.
  • Collaborate in the data collection and analysis.


We work alongside district health authorities to improve the management and the quality of services and to strengthen community engagement

Health professionals with a Public Health background:

  • Ensure technical assistance to improve the local capabilities to plan, coordinate and monitor the quality of health services.
  • Develop and strengthen the referral system by improving the supervision, communication and transport between communities, peripheral health facilities and hospitals.
  • Strengthen data collection and analysis
  • Guarantee health promotion and education.

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