Founded in 1950 as the University College for Aspiring Missionary Doctors, Doctors with Africa CUAMM is one of the parts of the Opera San Francesco Saverio Foundation, a religious organization established by the Bishop of Padua on 6 January 1959.

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Doctors with Africa CUAMM is run by an eight-member Board of Directors; by statute,its president is the Bishop of Padua. The Board and its president are responsible for directing, managing and promoting the group’s activities and all other related aspects.

The Executive Director is responsible for the organization and management of Doctors with Africa CUAMM’s activities. He/she is appointed by the Board of Directors for a three-year renewable term.

The Country Representatives act as Doctors with Africa CUAMM’s legal representatives in the countries where the organization maintains a presence, and are responsible for local planning and management.

The Assembly is made up of the body’s effective members, and helps to define strategic priorities, identify projects and carry out operative planning.

The Coordinating Committee of Humanitarian Groups is made up of five members elected by the president and the constitutive bodies, and is tasked with coordinating the activities of these groups and ensuring that they are aligned with those of the central office.

Our Policies

Gender equality policy (Dec. 2019).

Child safeguarding policy (Dec. 2019).

Code of conduct safeguarding and child protection (Dec. 2019).

Protection from sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) policy (Dec. 2019).

Anti-Trafficking Compliance Plan CUAMM Sept. 2020

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