3 August 2020


2020-08-03T16:11:48+02:003 August 2020|

Doctors with Africa CUAMM is bolstering its emergency response to Covid-19 in Italy with an plan that entails raising awareness among our communities, training health workers, and providing support to health facilities.

29 July 2020

Humanitarian flight to South Sudan

2020-07-29T18:32:17+02:0029 July 2020|

Thanks to the partnership with the agencies UNHRD and ECHO, an international humanitarian flight left this morning from Italy to South Sudan where CUAMM is managing the country’s response to COVID-19.

19 June 2020

Standing with refugees and host communities alike

2020-06-19T14:28:04+02:0019 June 2020|

In Gambella, Ethiopia, 2 out of 5 inhabitants are refugees. With Covid-19 threatening an already fragile health system, Doctors with Africa CUAMM is taking an innovative approach to meet the needs of both refugees and hosts.

26 May 2020

When help comes from your community

2020-05-26T17:16:23+02:0026 May 2020|

Sabina, a young woman from Uganda, could take care of her children properly thanks to the support of Doctors with Africa Cuamm and the members of her community. Raising awareness and cooperation can really make the difference.

26 May 2020

12 May International nurses day

2020-05-26T16:46:04+02:0026 May 2020|

Pillars of healthcare, even more important in Africa. Every day they work tirelessly, close to their patients, even at the risk of their health.  

12 May 2020

A new ventilator for Schiavonia

2020-05-12T17:53:44+02:0012 May 2020|

In Phase 2, the watchword is not to let our guard down. Thanks to the support of MSD, Cuamm donates a new ventilator to the Schiavonia hospital.