FAQ Frequently Asked Questions to work with us

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions to work with us2021-08-06T19:12:35+02:00
I have submitted my application, what are the next steps?2021-08-06T19:09:40+02:00

When you send your application via the website, you will receive an automatic reply with the confirmation of receipt and a recap of all the information you have provided.
If you have applied for a vacancy and your CV has been evaluated positively, you will be contacted for further information or selection within 2-3 weeks. During periods when we receive a high number of applications, there may be some delays in evaluating CVs and contacting candidates.
If, on the other hand, you have sent out a spontaneous application unrelated to the open positions, you might be contacted at a later date for selection and inclusion in our database, in accordance to the availability you have communicated.
Generally, the selection process involves a personal interview and a technical interview, held either in person at the organisation’s headquarters in Italy – when possible – or online.

How do I apply?2021-07-18T22:19:27+02:00

Firstly, we invite you to take a look at the profiles we look for our projects and the current vacancies. If your profile matches what we need, fill in the application form you find on the website.

Is there any specific training before departure?2021-07-18T22:19:11+02:00

In preparation for your departure, you will participate in training days either at headquarters – when possible – or online, alternating between plenary and individual sessions.

How are you organised in the countries of intervention?2021-07-18T22:24:41+02:00

In each country we have a coordination office headed by a Country Representative.  In each project location, there is usually a project manager having the responsibility of the project and working together with a team of international and national staff who carry out the planned activities.

What will the work setting be?2021-07-18T22:18:22+02:00

We commit daily to working in the last mile, to make health services accessible to all, especially the poorest and most marginalised. This is why we work mainly in rural areas, but we also intervene in urban areas to support local health authorities and facilities. In accordance with our choice of working “with” Africa to strengthen the local health systems, we do not have our own health facilities but we work to support hospitals and health facilities already present in the country, whether public or private non-profit. At the same time, we perform Public Health interventions on the field, supporting district authorities.

Can I choose my country of destination?2021-07-18T22:24:55+02:00

You can choose your destination when applying for one of the vacancies, but during the selection process we may consider you also for other positions or destinations, considering your skills and the needs of the projects in place. If instead you submit a self candidature, after selection we will include you in a database that we draw on to meet the future needs of our interventions.

Can I bring my family along with me?2021-07-18T22:25:07+02:00

Yes, wherever the settings allow for it. Considering the long-term commitment we require, we have always favourably considered the placement of couples or families. According to our family-protection policies, we guarantee flights and insurance cover for dependants and accompanying family members, adequate accommodation and an allowance.

Will I have a contract? What does it provide?2021-07-18T22:25:32+02:00

You will usually leave with a working contract which provides salary and ensures:

  • accommodation: a single dwelling (where possible) or a residence shared with colleagues
  • health insurance for injuries, invalidity, medical expenses, abroad medical assistance and civil responsibility
  • round-trip flight
  • coverage of visa or working/residence permits in the country of service
  • for 12 months of work, you will accrue 30 vacation days. Considering the logistic situation and the conditions of work in such a fragile country,  there is also a Rest and Relaxation (R&R) policy for South Sudan, which provides additional time off.
How long is the working period?2021-07-18T22:25:42+02:00

Working “with” Africa requires a long period of time and continuity of presence in the field, which are essential to cooperate effectively with local partners and institutions and to work alongside the national staff in the countries of intervention in order to strengthen the local capacities. This is why we generally require a 12-months availability, but we are also open to consider initial availability of at least 6 months. There may be rare cases where we have the necessity of short missions with specific objectives (e.g. monitoring projects, training on a specific theme, substitutions for leave).

Cuamm does research activities. Is it something I can get involved in, if I work with Cuamm?2021-08-26T10:01:07+02:00

Operational research activities which we perform in our countries of intervention are done together with on-field activities and they are functional to obtain more and more effective results. They are aimed at studying in depth the contexts in which we operate, adopting a critical approach, identifying evidence-based good practices. Anyone interested in this area can point out, in order to get involved in the research activities in the destination country, on the basis of his/her educational background and the projects in place.

Can I leave straight after graduating?2021-07-18T22:14:38+02:00

Our projects aim at strengthening the African health systems and therefore a solid professional preparation and experience is required before leaving.