In Europe


Our commitment goes beyond Africa and takes shape in Europe where we work in training young people, collaborating with institutional partners and where we have been recently called to respond to Ukraine crisisWe are moved by the conviction that Europe and Africa are bound together, as stated by our President Sergio Mattarella: «so close to each other to be one, united rather than separate by the Mediterranean. Africa represents Europe’s natural partner: the other side of the coin. We need each other. Failing to understand this now, would lead us to find, in a few years, that we have been silently, but inexorably, relegated to the periphery of the planet». (“Incontri con l’Africa” Meeting, Rome-October 2021)

We work closely with institutional partners, student associations and nonprofit organizations with the goal of creating an Italian and European public opinion aware of the value of health as a fundamental human right and as an essential element for the development of human potential.