Medici con l'Africa CuammLe lucciole e la grande lanterna

“My mama still has a tummy ache,” said my friend Kojo.
“Mine too, Shango. And she’s gotten all fat. She walks around like a baby hippopotamus out of water!” he said.
“My mama can’t even lift her arms above her head when she dances,” he sighed, sounding a little worried. “But our mamas are always laughing!” Kojo added.
“Let’s hope they get better fast!” I said to him.

Download and share the tale Mama’s Tummy Ache: a story halfway between reality and fantasy that talks about prodigies and wonders of a remote village in Africa through the eyes and dreams of a child.

Still today, in Africa, 265 thousand women die due childbirth and 1.2 million children die in their first month of life. Doctors with Africa CUAMM takes care of mothers and children, thanks to the ‘’First 1,000 Days for Mothers and Children’’ program that ensures medical assistance in supporting mothers and children in the first 1,000 days, from the beginning of pregnancy up to the first two years of the child’s life.

We operate at all levels of the health system in Africa, from the hospital, to the peripheral and to the community level.

Villages are often isolated and the travel cost is daunting. In addition, there are dangerous road conditions and big distances to cover in order to reach the nearest healthcare facility. We provide free transport in order to ensure a safe and assisted delivery for the mother and her baby.