“Eyes full of hope: ours and theirs. A mutual hope for a near future that is being shaped by the many who are working hardly though silently to build a new perspective” Bruno Turri, Cuamm’s doctor.

Events, shows, workshops and concerts organized by Cuamm across Italy are meant to rise awareness among citizens in order to let them be part of the change.

Over the past few years we have brought attention to the theme of Global Health gathering multiple participants (health workers, photographers, researchers and artists) to create varied information and awareness-raising proposals. Among the activities we have carried out:

“Global citizenship and global health education project”, a project for the promotion and distribution of informative materials intended for health workers as well as citizens interested in topics such as health, equity and sustainable development.

RADIO24- Land on the horizon, Africa for dummies. Stories and people of Africa. Africa in its daily life aspects. From resilience to perspectives. Through virtuous practices of those who work day by day to make a change and promote innovation and better living conditions, who hope in a brighter future, who foster culture and encourage relationships. Africa of participation and global health, Africa in its contradictions and utopia, difficulties and opportunities.

Global health as theatre performance, a “theatre masterclass on global health”, a intercultural meeting which is an opportunity to engage both students interested in global health issues and those attracted by a cultural experience (students who have never dealt with global health issues)

STOP MALARIA NOW! Exhibition, planned in the framework of a European project aiming at mobilising public opinion and ensure prevention and access to diagnosis and treatment;

HEALTH HEROES campaign dedicated to health heroes who everyday work to reduce child mortality, improve maternal health and respond to AIDS.

International contest for photographers and videomakers èAFRICA, to tell about the relationship between health and globalization

RIISG We are part of the Italian network for Global Health education, a network committed to education click on the link to discover more: www.educationglobalhealth.eu

Equal opportunities for health: action for development It is a European project in which Doctors with Africa has involved not only Italian partners but also partners from 7 European countries

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