We truly believe in the role of the youth as drivers of change, therefore we offer them training programmes both at university and on the ground. Our education proposal is two-fold: on the one hand we promote courses and seminars on global health and development, held in Italy and in 6 European countries; on the other hand we encourage learning experience on the ground, in Africa.

  • “Global health and health justice” course, we offer an online course for both med students and students enrolled in cooperation and development related studies (law, politics, economy, sociology, etc.). The syllabus counts 7 courses for an overall length of 9 hours, it is offered by the Public Health Department at University of Florence and it was designed by Doctors with Africa CUAMM with the support of the European Union and the contribution of Regione Toscana in the framework of Progetto di Iniziativa Regionale (PIR).


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