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13 May 2022


2022-05-13T15:12:53+02:0013 May 2022|

The experiences of four women in Africa and Italy who played key roles during the pandemic, as told by young graphic artists joined in a special graphic novel coordinated by Giacomo Keison Bevilacqua.

12 May 2022

Humanity: this is required

2022-05-12T14:15:05+02:0012 May 2022|

12 May - Here, in Chisinau, the need for consolation is exaggerated, mostly hidden behind health problems, which also need proper care.

6 May 2022

With suitcases packed and full cars

2022-05-06T11:21:36+02:006 May 2022|

A gloomy climate. A palpable tension. The worry that permeates every moment of the day. Waiting to see what will happen on 9 May. In the hope that Moldova, with the situation in Transnistria, will not be the next target.

29 April 2022

Lives in limbo

2022-05-06T11:22:29+02:0029 April 2022|

There is always a line of people waiting for the delivery of food. Cell phones ring constantly, with every possible request. We are left with the feeling of a society that wants to resist and insists on living in a normal way, but at the same time, is ready for any change, for the worse.

24 April 2022

Easter in Chisinau

2022-05-06T11:17:44+02:0024 April 2022|

Ukrainian women decide to prepare Easter lunch. They cook, mix and fry together while listening to traditional music. A beautiful sun is shining outside, but in the heart there is now only darkness.

28 April 2022


2022-05-03T10:37:11+02:0028 April 2022|

Isaya in Tanzania is the father of Innocent, a child suffering from serious malnutrition, which has caused him to be placed in intensive care.