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3 November 2016


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Institutions and international agencies, foundations, associations and groups, companies that help us being with Africa every day.

30 September 2015


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Doctors with Africa CUAMM works with a long-term developmental perspective. To this end, it is engaged in training, research, dissemination of scientific knowledge, and ensuring the universal fulfillment of the fundamental human right to health. In 2014 we couldn't work with Africa without the support of the following partners:

28 September 2015

Work with us

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If you want to join our effort, in this section you will find information on available positions or alternatively the procedure for spontaneous application.

28 September 2015

Other Professionals

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Beside health professionals, for our projects in Africa we need also administrators, logisticians and community development experts.

28 September 2015

Health Professionals

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Medical doctors, nurses and midwives: we always need health professionals for our projects in Africa.