• Plan, coordinate and monitor community activities in the areas of intervention.
  • Support the project team in the promotion, organisation and implementation of community activities.
  • Produce the tools and contents necessary for community information, education and communication (IEC) related to health issues and services provided.
  • Support project managers in planning community activities.
  • Collaborate with project managers in keeping in close contact with relevant local authorities (at regional and district level) to promote community activities.
  • Activate collaborations with NGOs, organisations and other stakeholders to design and implement community activities.
  • Develop communication campaigns through different mediums (TV, radio, etc.)


  • Degree in Anthropology or similar.
  • Good knowledge of English, French or Portuguese (depending on the country of destination). Knowledge of the local language of the area of intervention is considered an added value.
  • Previous working experience in fragile or low income countries.
  • Ability of adapting skills and competencies to a context with low income and capacity to effectively cooperate with the national staff.
  • Availability to stay in the field for 6-12 months.

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