• Managing and organising surgery and maternity wards.
  • Performing clinical activities, with a special focus on surgical or obstetrical urgencies and emergencies.
  • Monitoring the data collection system and supervising the management of drugs and medical supplies in the wards of competence.
  • Collaborate with the other doctors to guarantee a good functioning of the hospital in all its parts, including on-call guards and night calls.
  • Contribute to on-the-job and formal training of ward personnel.
  • Collaborate in any operational research and scientific documentation activities.
  • Act as a tutor of a resident doctor involved in our Junior Project Officer program (if required).


  • Degree in Medicine and Specialisation or equivalent qualification in Surgery.
  • Good knowledge of English, French or Portuguese (depending on the country of destination).
  • Professional experience in surgery and surgical management of obstetrical emergencies.
  • Preferable previous experience – working or volunteering – in fragile or low income countries.
  • Ability of adapting skills and competencies to contexts with limited resources and capacity to effectively cooperate with the national staff.
  • Availability to stay in the field for 6-12 months.

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