On the 7th of June, Doctors with Africa CUAMM vehicles, travelling in convoy in the far west area of Yirol West County, in Lakes State, South Sudan, were ambushed by unknown people, for unclear reasons. As a result, two CUAMM staff tragically died.

Mr Moses Maker, 35 years old, was working with Doctors with Africa CUAMM as Nutritionist. Initially deployed to Cuibet County, he had then moved to the eastern side of Lakes State, being based in Yirol Town and in charge of organizing and supervising all activities related to the prevention and treatment of acute malnutrition. In particular, he was involved in the integration of nutrition services in the health care package at primary health care facilities and within communities in Yirol West and Yirol East Counties.

Mr Abraham Gulung, 31 years old, was working with Doctors with Africa CUAMM as Driver. He was supporting all activities implemented by CUAMM staff jointly with Yirol West Country Health Department, as supervision visits to primary health care facilities and drugs or nutrition supplies last mile distribution.

On that tragic day, they had travelled together to assess the work done in some facilities and to preposition some food supplies stock before raining season.

They were serving their people with passion, spirit of sacrifice and dedication.

We embrace the pain of the families of our dear colleagues. Their loss is a great tragedy that strikes the Cuamm family and our service in a country that we hope will soon find stability and a path of authentic and lasting peace.

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