South Sudan

29 July 2020

Humanitarian flight to South Sudan

2020-07-29T18:32:17+02:0029 July 2020|

Thanks to the partnership with the agencies UNHRD and ECHO, an international humanitarian flight left this morning from Italy to South Sudan where CUAMM is managing the country’s response to COVID-19.

1 August 2018

Breastfeeding week

2018-08-23T18:08:20+02:001 August 2018|

“Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life.” Breastfeeding Week is celebrated worldwide from August 1 to 7 to promote and protect breastfeeding as a universal right. CUAMM has many active initiatives, especially in South Sudan and Tanzania.

6 January 2017

South Sudan Christmas at Yirol

2017-01-06T11:02:16+01:006 January 2017|

There is little to attract tourists or visitors to Yirol. But Christmas is Christmas, and it should be celebrated in every part of the world, no matter what.

30 September 2016

“From South Sudan, with Trust and Esteem”

2016-09-30T11:08:36+02:0030 September 2016|

Sometimes you receive unexpected messages – simple notes that make all the hard work you’re doing well worth it, and help you to carry on despite the daily difficulties of working in Africa. The trust and esteem earned by Giovanni Dall’Oglio, a CUAMM doctor working in South Sudan, come through loud and clear in those he’s received – a deeply satisfying gift.

5 August 2016


2016-08-05T12:29:15+02:005 August 2016|

Tonight the Rio 2106 Olympics open. Cuamm is cheering with Africa, true to our values and in the spirit of taking part being what matters most.