Antonia Mondini is the first CUAMM doctor assigned to work at Angal mission hospital.


War between Tanzania and Uganda.

In the spring, communications are interrupted between Italy and doctors working in North Uganda. They are resumed after a relief expedition is sent out.
CUAMM receives a mandate to implement a bilateral cooperation agreement between Italy and Uganda in the healthcare field. CUAMM doctors start working in the national health system.


CUAMM undertakes to rebuild Arua hospital and reinstate Maracha, Angal, Aber and Matany hospitals.


A collaboration starts with the Catholic University of Nzoki to train local health managers.


The “Mothers and Children First” project gets underway to guarantee access to safe child delivery and newborn care in 4 African countries (Angola, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda).


Doctors with Africa CUAMM consolidates its commitment to protect mother and child health, particularly in Karamoja region and Oyam district. Special attention is also devoted to preventing HIV/AIDS, treating malnutrition and to the early diagnosis of tuberculosis.


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