I remember the early days, at the start of the war, as being very tense. We all sensed that something tragic was going to happen. It wasn’t only because of the media attention, it was the awareness that war was coming back to Europe, after almost 30 years since the end of the war in Bosnia and a little less since the war in Kosovo. I started following the updates in those days from the United Nations Agency in charge of coordinating humanitarian responses (OCHA). Doctors with Africa CUAMM works in Africa and that continent is the heart of what we do. CUAMM has chosen the path of health system development. But we have never turned away from emergencies. We were in the middle of the Ebola tragedy in Sierra Leone and the devastation of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique. Before that there was Marburg and the civil war in Angola, not to mention the genocide in Rwanda. A question started to turn around in our minds, prompted by many regular people and our international partners: What can CUAMM do in Ukraine?

Giovanna de Meneghi, International Relations Department

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