Day by day, a story to better know the commitment of Doctors with Africa Cuamm in responding to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and Moldova. In the following weeks space will be given to multiple voices, protagonists of a journal that aims at witnessing small but concrete actions- not covered by mass media, that every day make a difference to many.

11 August 2022

Two Homeless in the center of Chisinau

2022-08-12T15:55:40+02:0011 August 2022|

In Chisinau's center, like in alla big cities, there are invisible people. With the hep of sisters of Mother Theresa of Calcutta, we help two of them, in the hope that they may suffer a little less.

5 July 2022

Bear A special mascot

2022-07-05T14:41:17+02:005 July 2022|

Bear is a kind of mascot for Vrb in Chernivtsi. He helps his master distribute medicines and gives some joy and lightheartedness to the children he meets.

30 June 2022

A gift from Italy To Ukraine

2022-06-30T15:00:27+02:0030 June 2022|

We’re talking about primary humanitarian goods and medical kits, made available to Doctors with Africa CUAMM on Ukranian population behalf by the Ministry of the Foreigh Affairs and the International Cooperation.

3 June 2022

Three ambulances for three key hospitals

2022-06-03T14:05:07+02:003 June 2022|

These areas, like ours, accomodate many internally displaced people. For that reason, the help that we get from Cuamm and Ulss 7 is very important. It is also a huge demonstration of solidarity and closeness.

20 May 2022

Life goes on always

2022-06-03T13:35:57+02:0020 May 2022|

Italy keeps coming up in this mission. We speak more Italian than English. This is a mark of the deep connection between Italy and Moldova. This relationship goes far beyond the current emergency, rooted in a strong relationship of work and trade that is now reciprocal.

16 May 2022

Moldova A new commitment

2022-06-03T13:38:03+02:0016 May 2022|

The Moldovan Ministry of Health has asked CUAMM to help with a type 1 emergency medical team in two refugee centers for Ukrainian refugees in Moldova. The first one is accommodating 220 people, mostly of Roma ethnicity, and the second center, a hundred refugees.

12 May 2022

Humanity: this is required

2022-05-12T14:15:05+02:0012 May 2022|

12 May - Here, in Chisinau, the need for consolation is exaggerated, mostly hidden behind health problems, which also need proper care.

6 May 2022

With suitcases packed and full cars

2022-05-06T11:21:36+02:006 May 2022|

A gloomy climate. A palpable tension. The worry that permeates every moment of the day. Waiting to see what will happen on 9 May. In the hope that Moldova, with the situation in Transnistria, will not be the next target.

29 April 2022

Lives in limbo

2022-05-06T11:22:29+02:0029 April 2022|

There is always a line of people waiting for the delivery of food. Cell phones ring constantly, with every possible request. We are left with the feeling of a society that wants to resist and insists on living in a normal way, but at the same time, is ready for any change, for the worse.