We really needed these ambulances. Due to the significant increase number of the internally displaced people, our hospitals are subjected to a huge pressure. The overwhelming majority of those internally displaced people are elderly people and mothers with children. A timely and immediate assistance is essential. Three ambulances were donated to the three key hospitals: the oncology hospital, the cardiologic hospital, and the children’s hospital. These hospitals did not had a specialized transport, and for the patient transport they had to depend on private companies, which complicate the process and extends the timeline assistance. Moreover, many ambulances were moved in the most conflict-affected areas, leaving weakened the country western areas. These areas, like ours, accomodate many internally displaced people. For that reason, the help that we get from Cuamm and Ulss 7 is very important. It is also a huge demonstration of solidarity and closeness.

Natalia, VRB


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