Igor is also the name of the director of the oncology hospital in Chernivsti (the key hospital for all cancer patients in the region). The bombs have not come here yet. Refugees are flowing into the town having escaped the hardest hit areas. The hospital is full of patients, not only cancer patients. What is their greatest need? To get medicines, because supply chains have been interrupted, factories have been destroyed, production blocked, and transportation routes broken. This is our first undertaking as CUAMM: to create a supply chain of medicines, especially for cancer patients, obstetric emergencies and chronic diseases, working with local institutions and with VRB. We have gotten plenty of support from our partners and fellow organizations, such as the Veneto Region, which has donated four ambulances, equipped, to be taken to Ukraine and Moldova. A major undertaking awaits us. This is a challenge that we feel is, before all else, a duty that we cannot shirk.

Giovanna de Meneghi, International Relations Department



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