Doctors with Africa CUAMM in Uganda joined the Italian embassy on the occasion of Italian National Day, celebrated each year, the 2nd June. Our staff in Uganda took part in a cocktail evening party organized by the Ambassador of Italy in Uganda, Domenico Fornara, at his residence in Kololo – Kampala. The Ambassador  appreciated the close relationship between Uganda and Italy especially in business and health sector, remarking the Italian government’s contribution in the past decades to support Uganda, among the others the cancellation of Ugandan debt under the HIV initiative. «We have strongly supported the health system especially in Northern Uganda, Karamoja and Acholi regions, in partnership with esteemed Italian NGOs in crucial sectors, among the most important Doctors with Africa CUAMM. We have also funded projects to enhance the access to renewable energy in rural areas». The minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Elioda Tumwesigye, joined the colorful event, together with other distinguished guests. «We will look forward to working with Italy  in supporting regional approaches – added the chief guest Elioda Tumwesigye, remarking Italy’s supportive role, particularly in the Horn of Africa – . Such collaboration can provide useful and effective tools for maintaining peace and security».

The colorful evening event continued with an exhibition that gave space to different Italian NGOs working in Uganda. Doctors with Africa was fully represented, showing the longstanding intervention in Uganda and in Africa.

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