In 2020

In Uganda, 2020 was a year marked by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in restrictions on movement and the closure of the country until September 2020. However, despite the pandemic, Doctors with Africa CUAMM continued to operate in the country without interruption, supplementing existing interventions with activities specifically aimed at responding to Covid-19. Early on we identified the need to set in motion ad hoc activities to contain the epidemic, which were urgently required given the reduced access to health facilities between March and May due to travel restrictions and fear of the virus. Fortunately, thanks also to the prompt action of Doctors with Africa CUAMM in supporting the health system in the areas of intervention, since June 2020 admissions to health facilities have normalised. Overall, Doctors with Africa CUAMM’s projects in the country continued along two main prongs. The first, in line with the ‘Mothers and Children First’ programme, aims to improve child and maternal care and nutrition services in three districts of the Karamoja region and in Oyam district, with widespread action in villages, health centres and hospitals, including those in Matany and Aber, promoting community work, prenatal visits, attended births and emergency transfers. The second is being developed in Karamoja to tackle tuberculosis, with the aim of improving the diagnosis and treatment of multi-resistant tuberculosis in particular, starting from the community-level. Thanks to the active involvement of community workers and home-based management of patients, we work at health centres with training and mentorship, and then at hospitals – particularly Matany Hospital, which has become a regional benchmark for the treatment of the disease. In 2020, the five-year intervention in partnership with other NGOs continued throughout the Lango Region, with the aim of strengthening a health system that serves over 2,000,000 people, focusing in particular on nutritional and maternal/child services, as well as HIV and malaria. Lastly, our project in Arua District, West Nile, continued its work to strengthen visual health services in the area.

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