In 2019

We continued our work to support the health system in 6 districts affected by the influx of 1,000,000 South Sudanese refugees, with a particular focus on improving services for mothers and children and nutritional programs. We continued our efforts in the Karamoja region and Oyam district with a widespread intervention throughout the villages, health centres, and hospitals, including Matany and Aber Hospitals. We promoted community awareness, prenatal visits, attended births, and emergency transportation. We also continued to focus on tuberculosis in Karamoja, to improve diagnosis and treatment, especially for multidrug resistant TB. Lastly, we started a five-year intervention in partnership with other NGOs operating throughout the Lango region, with the goal of strengthening a health system which serves more than 2,000,000 people.

Our history

First doctor sent to the Angal Hospital.
Bilateral cooperation between Italy and Uganda in the health field: first CUAMM doctors start working in the national health system.
Rebuilding of the Aber Hospital and renovation of the hospitals in Maracha, Angal, Aber, and Matany.
Start of the “Mothers and Children First” programme.
Start of the “Mothers and Children First. 1000 Days.” programme, for the period from conception through to the first two years of the child’s life.
CUAMM arrived in the West Nile to support the emergency response for South Sudanese refugees.
Start of the intervention throughout the Lango region.

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