Doubling the number of assisted births in 5 years, from the 16,000 of the 2012 to over 33,000 a year, with substantial involvement of hospitals and health centers in Angola, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. Still today, many mothers and many children in Africa die because they do not have adequate health services. Reduction in maternal and infant mortality is one of the big Millennium Development Goals established by the United Nations. In particular, access to assisted childbirth is the service that, more than anything else, dramatically marks the difference between different countries and different social classes.


What we do

The project involves the hospitals of Chiulo (Angola), Wolisso (Ethiopia), Aber (Uganda) and Tosamaganga (Tanzania) and their districts. With this new project, Doctors with Africa CUAMM intends to further strengthen the partnership between governmental and non-profit services, favoring the active interaction also with local communities and public health authorities.

This integration in terms of accountability, funding and health care management can ensure improvements to:

  • the childbirth assistance;
  • the whole health system;
  • the country’s development and reduction in poverty



  • 102,147 assisted deliveries in the hospitals and in the health facilities of Chiulo, Wolisso, Aber and Tosamaganga
  • 478 trained people
  • 236,752 antenatal examinations in the same hospitals and peripheral health facilities
  • 3,787 emergency transports

(Data about the firts 4 years of the project)




From March 2012, when the projects started, it has been supported by Africans organizations, by the Catholic Church, by international health agencies and by common citizens.


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