To celebrate International Women’s Day, CUAMM has asked women in Africa what does it mean to live, growth and provide care to other women in Sub-Saharan Africa. We share today the words of Ms. Babra Muga, working for women as Public Health Midwife in Oyam District, Uganda.

  1. As a woman what does it mean to live in Africa?

I am proud of being an African; the home is made of a woman and she raises her children through educating them, teaching them cultural norms, and ensuring they are healthy. Access to health is still a challenge and women and new borns are still dying while giving birth. Culturally, a woman in Africa is often considered inferior, she cannot own properties or children as they belong to men. Economically she participates in agricultural activities to ensure she raises food and income for her family.

  1. What are the biggest difficulties you have to face?

We do not own properties and we are not involved in decision making. Girl child rights are often violated due to cultural practices like female genital mutilation and early marriages. We tend to have law self-esteem and many of us think they are obliged to serve men. Women’s’ rights are marginalized and gender based violence is present.

  1. What does it mean to take care of other women?

To take care of other women you have to mobilize and sensitize them, to lobby and advocate for their rights. You should support them in income generating activities and provide them information.

  1. If you had a chance to send a message to all women, what would it be?

‘’Woman!! Arise, be a woman strong, innovative and play your roles to ensure your family, community and nation are healthy, productive and prosperous.’’

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