Voices for Hope award is dedicated to empowering women refugees and women working with NGOs by amplifying their voices and promoting innovative solutions to their challenges. It aims to celebrate and acknowledge the strength, determination, and innovation of women refugees and their advocates, fostering a culture of empowerment, empathy, and understanding. Aligned with COP28’s theme of “Climate Action for a Resilient Future” this award highlights the relationship between climate change, refugee empowerment, and sustainability. Doctors with Africa CUAMM is glad to partner with UNHCR, UniRef, DIHAD and The Amahoro Coalition to promote the award, which is part of the Sheikha Fatima Fund for Women Refugee Support and Empowerment Initiative (SFFWR).

The initiative comprises three main awards:

Category A: Women Refugees

Category B: Women Working with NGOs

Category C: Empowering Through Innovation

Award Objectives:

  • Providing a platform for expression and advocacy for women affected by climate change.
  • Celebrating the roles of women refugees and NGO workers in climate action and humanitarian responses.
  • Encouraging the sharing of experiences to build a supportive community.

The winner of each category will be awarded with both cash prizes, scholarships, and possibilities for mentorship.

All submissions should be made to media@thecoalitionafrica.com.

NEW deadline for submission: September 20, 2024.

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