This book springs as it were from two sources whose waters flow in a single bed, each preserving its taste, its strength and its freshness. An original work, because by the hand of two different authors, the photographer Enrico Bossan and the journalist Pietro Veronese. In their mingling together , the photography takes inspiration from the words and reflects on them its own inspiration and message, without one being absorbed into or prevaricating over the other.

Readers will find themselves before a of recognition of what it means to be “human”, something that can be seen most clearly in the faces of suffering and need. An approaching, a meeting, the building of a relation and, we would hope, of responsibility.


A book by

Enrico Bossan (photographer)

Pietro Veronese (journalist)

Book design

cdm associati


Doctors with Africa CUAMM


Josef Falinski


Grafiche Antiga (Italy), 2000

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