To tell the story of the exciting challenge of “providing health”, we involved young artists of different nationalities in the “Equal opportunities for health” project, calling on them to use their creativity to portray the close link between health and globalization.

Five young European photographers and video makers, selected through an international contest, have depicted the Africa and Global Health of every day for us: a different Africa, formed of men, women and children, filled with a life that shines, even in the light and shadow of the countless difficulties they face each day.

In May 2013 the artists visited one of the realities in which Doctors with Africa CUAMM operates in Tanzania, under the creative direction of the photographer Enrico Bossan. There, in a rural village, they collected traces, images and stories and produced a story narrated by several voices, told through photographs and videos, of the lives that intertwine around the hospital in Tosamaganga, of the expectations, dreams and hardships of the locals and the Italian personnel.

This book is for whom the word “we” is synonymous with universal community of men and women, for all those who, for this very reason, feel the need to strive for health for all.


Kasia Ciechanowska, Bartosz Matenko, Ananda van der Pluijm

Video makers

Paolo Bernardi, Marco Zuin

Creative direction

Enrico Bossan (an idea by Enrico Bossan, Linda Previato, Davide Pocchiesa)

Book design

Gabriele Riva/Fabrica

Texts coordinations

Davide Pocchiesa, Francesca Forzan, Anna Talami


Louise Allan


Grafiche Antiga (Italy), February 2014

Publication produced with the assistance of European Union

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