In these days we’re carefully following the evolution of #Coronavirus in Italy. We’re close to the many people who have been affected and to the more vulnerable ones, who are especially exposed to contagion. Likewise, we’re close to the healthcare operators who are in the front line tackling the epidemics.

Many of them include the doctors and nurses who came with us to Africa or were preparing to. In these hours they’re experiencing a situation of hard fatigue, facing a virus we know little of. Many are giving their contribution of knowledge and experience that they have gained when managing healthcare epidemics in limited-resource settings, where the scarcity of supports forces them to deal with challenging choices on a daily basis.

We can’t help but show solidarity to them and respect to those who have to make important decisions with not enough scientific evidence available. As healthcare operators we reiterate that in order to reduce the epidemics and restrain its impact on the Italian healthcare system, we can all do something: comply with the measures of containment and social distancing, reduce our movements, stay home.

A few days ago, don Dante Carraro, contacted in South Sudan, told the daily paper Il Mattino di Padova:

Venetian people are able to express stubbornness, quiet wilfulness and such strength that has allowed us to pick ourselves up in the challenging post-WW years, in the years of the economic crisis and in other dramatic situations. We have to keep going, without leaving anyone behind, without forgetting the most in need. Veneto and Italy as a whole will make it. United we will overcome any challenge and there’s no real development if we leave someone behind. We live in one world, it’s a system of communicating vessels. We used to fear the diseases that others would spread, now instead we risk being the spreaders of contagion. The world is one, humanity is just one and there must be one development project which involves everyone. This is the only way we can keep going.

This emergency will also pass thanks to the responsible contribution of each of us! #iorestoacasa


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