Doctors with Africa CUAMM start operating in South Sudan with the reinstatement  of Yirol hospital.


CUAMM’s intervention is extended to Lui hospital, in the framework of a three-year agreement to support healthcare system consolidation, in agreement with local and government authorities.


Following a popular referendum, the country separates from Sudan to become an independent state.


After an attempted coup d’état, progressive decline in the conditions of safety and a return to clashes between ethnic groups. The conflict claims an estimated 50,000 victims.


In the early part of the year, CUAMM provides displaced persons from the State of Jonglei with healthcare assistance and essential supplies. Support continues for Yirol hospital and the peripheral centres of the catchment area and Maper district, hindered by logistic and safety problems in the area due to constant clashes between rival groups. Work on the infrastructure gets under way at Cueibet to put the hospital into service. Support for Lui hospital management continues in the State of Western Equatoria. Inauguration of the nursing and midwifery school attached to Lui hospital is presided by the National Health Minister.


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