A great challenge, a commitment that continues. At the Annual Meeting on November 13, the results of the program “Mothers and children first. 1,000 of these days” that went beyond expectations: 1,495,215 pre-natal visits carried out; 331,178 assisted deliveries; 10,837 severely malnourished children treated. A huge effort that the Covid-19 pandemic has not stopped.

The results of the program “Mothers and children first. 1,000 of these days “, which focused on guaranteeing future mothers an assisted and safe birth: through the free transport service we have enabled them to reach the nearest health facilities to carry out antenatal visits and then give birth in facilities adequate with the support of qualified personnel. The intervention involved 7 sub-Saharan African countries in which we work (Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, and Uganda) in 10 hospitals and the local communities to achieve lasting, tangible results in reducing maternal and child mortality.


The results

In the five years of intervention 2017-2021 we have guaranteed:

We supported the ambulance system with guaranteed transport for obstetric emergencies.

They are midwives, nurses and health staff members who are trained to serve in the hospitals and health centers involved in the program.

They are the operators who bring CUAMM’s intervention to villages and communities, guaranteeing mothers and children visits, vaccines, screening for malnutrition.

* The results for 2020 and 2021 should be interpreted taking into account the exceptional condition in which the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the health systems; severely affected by the lock-down measures. 


The second phase

Our intervention in the second phase of the program covers the first 1,000 days from the beginning of of pregnancy until the child’s second year of life, with a special particular attention to nutrition. In the most inaccessible villages, the last mile, we sensitize pregnant women on a correct diet, with balanced ingredients and nutrients.

We explain the importance of health facilities for prenatal examinations, blood, weight and blood pressure checks to prevent diseases that can impair the development of the fetus, such as such as anemia and hypertension, and screening tests for infectious for infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, syphilis) and metabolic such as diabetes.

Women are given iron, folic acid and malaria prophylaxis, and it is recommended that they continue to continue taking them at home. Thanks to a functioning system of transport and ambulances, we ensure, we guarantee safe and assisted childbirth in health centers or hospitals and, in emergencies cases, the use of life-saving services such as caesarean sections and blood transfusions. We ensure a constant availability of qualified human resources, medicines and equipment.

The same care is dedicated to the newborn and child to prevent and treat neonatal and the most common neonatal and pediatric diseases, in particular acute and chronic malnutrition, still widespread.

To mothers we recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and follow the child up to the age of two, with pediatric visits and adequate vaccination coverage, monitoring their development and growth.

The first phase

In the first phase of the intervention, we focused on four sub-Saharan African countries: Angola, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, with an economic commitment of €5 million and the and the aim of assisting 125,000 people. On 5 November 2016, in the presence of the President of the Republic, at the conclusion of this first phase of the program, we were finally able to communicate the results, which went beyond expectations: ALMOST 135,000 PARTS ASSISTED IN 5 YEARS. FIRST GOAL REACHED AND EXCEEDED!



You can be part of the project, too!

It takes only €6 a month to support a mother and child throughout the entire 1,000 days, including:

15 € to provide an ambulance service
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40 € to provide safe, free birth
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80 € for vaccines and growth check-ups during weaning (18 months)
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150 € for treatment to one child with acute malnutrition requiring hospital admission
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200 € to help a mother and her child for the first 1,000 days
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Adopt a mother and her child

With a donation of €6 a month, provide health care for the first 1,000 days of life, the most delicate, difficult period.
Adopt a mother and her child with an ongoing donation 

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