In 2020

Doctors with Africa CUAMM has continued reinforcing health services in 5 regions: Iringa, Njombe, Simiyu, Shinyanga and Dodoma. The area of child and maternal assistance continues to be a priority in the country to reduce maternal and child mortality, through free access to health services and obstetric emergencies. Our activities are aimed at ensuring greater coverage, equity and quality of services by supporting peripheral health facilities, training health workers, supervising, and supplying medicines when they are out of stock. Doctors with Africa CUAMM also works to tackle acute and chronic malnutrition. Our intervention in the area of chronic malnutrition is based on supporting national programme through educational initiatives to promote exclusive breastfeeding of infants up to 6 months, weaning and proper feeding of children. The projects implemented are integrated into water and agricultural components in collaboration with other NGOs. Interventions in the field of acute malnutrition aim to improve the quality of services provided by the nutritional units through training health personnel, supervision, and providing nutritional supplements to treat the malnourished. Activities in the field of nutrition and child and maternal care are integrated into early child development, which also aims to promote the child’s development from a physical, cognitive and socio-emotional perspective. Our commitment is ongoing in the field of HIV prevention and treatment is continuing through a programme in the Shinyanga and Simiyu Regions to provide free care and treatment to HIV-positive patients, implementing the Test & Treat strategy as suggested by the WHO and helping to decentralise treatment services through the creation of village clubs for HIV-positive patients. The project also involves education activities and testing campaigns to provide information, reduce stigma and provide the population with testing. Special attention is paid to adolescents to ensure they know their HIV status and to prevent new HIV infections. At Tosamaganga Hospital, an integrated project has been developed between the hospital and peripheral health facilities for the prevention and treatment of diabetes and hypertension; the hospital is becoming a quality centre for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic patients, while the peripheral facilities support treatment and provide follow-ups. CUAMM’s specific aim is to step up its commitment to preventing and treating chronic disease at national level.

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