26 July 2022 – A fearful but obstinate humanity, not getting overwhelmed by the last events in Chisinau city, Moldova.

In Moldova, a strip of land with a tormented history, I met a fearful humanity. However, this land, grazed by Asia and close to Europe, can also be considerate as obstinate: Not getting overwhelmed by the events, is determined to live a normal life made of commitment, work but also of leisure and fun.

When I talk to people about war and "invasion”, I feel a sort of reluctance. However, they face everyday life and sometimes take part in daily conversations.

Ukrainian Rom refugees are welcomed in an abandoned school building. There, we are able to guarantee a minimum basic assistance thanks to the precious and irreplaceable linguistic mediators and Moldavian nurses help. At the beginning, the dialogue is held back by mutual distrust. I understand their difficulties in relying on someone foreign to their world, made of doubts and marginalization. Aggravated by this war, this situation has always accompanied them: That’s why they are considered as the “last among the last”.

Elena is 65 years old, her eyes are black and intelligent and has a deep chain smoker voice. She talks about her headache story that periodically torments her: she occasionally takes hypotensive therapy and came here because she wants painkillers. Her blood pressure is very high. I tried to explain the importance of every day therapy and not just when the blood pressure rises. Despite this, she stubbornly makes a thousand arguments in order to avoid taking daily medication. With an infinite patience and thanks to the precious help of nurse Svetlana, at the next check we manage to set up a dialogue. This dialogue consists in words, glances and understanding. Eventually, she gives me some confidence and begins to take antihypertensive medicines. The pressure normalizes in a few days, the headache disappears and Elena becomes more calm and cooperative. When I ask her how she’s doing, Elena replies in Russian: «Khorosho (I’m fine), spaziba doctor (thank you doctor!)».

Nothing heroic happens in this clinic, located in an isolated periphery of Europe: only the effort and the beauty of being welcomed side by site of those who need the most.

Giorgio Dalle Molle, CUAMM doctor

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