100 operators trained in 6 days for a total training time of 60 hours, in 3 different locations in Poland. It is a positive analysis of a work done by Doctors with Africa CUAMM at the border, in the UNICEF “Blue Dot Hubs” in Poland.

The “Blue Dot” or “Blue Dot Hub” are safe spaces at border crossings to ensure children and families legal, psychological and healthcare support. In this context, Unicef volunteers and employees deal on a daily basis with complex health and psychological emergencies that require practical skills and the ability to cope with critical situations. Since the beginning of the conflict to date some 9.6 million people have crossed the Polish border looking for a shelter in Western Europe. More than 1.5 million people Refugees from Ukraine have registered in Poland to benefit from temporary protection and have been able to benefit from the support services of Unicef “Blue Dot Hubs”. Last week CUAMM concluded the training addressed to BD workers aiming at providing UNICEF Polish workers with practical skills to deal with emergency situations, provide life-saving support and identify serious health and mental health conditions for referral.

Beyond the training project for UNICEF, CUAMM is continuing and will continue to provide support during the conflict through its ongoing projects in Ukraine


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