“All of us who knew her, someone in particular who worked with her, and many other friends and volunteers of CUAMM, have always seen in Piera an example: discreet, humble, hidden, but tenacious and dedicated. Her example of reliability, professionalism, dedication and generosity in the service to the poorest, especially in Africa, is the real ‘legacy’ that she leaves us”. With these words, director Don Dante Carraro remembers Piera Fogliati, who worked for many years with Doctors with Africa CUAMM in various countries, including Mozambique and Tanzania. One year after her death, a small book is being published today: “The ongoing search for the common good. Remembering Piera Fogliati”, which friends and colleagues wanted to dedicate to her. “We wanted to write about her, talk about her, remember her,” is stated in the introduction. “Talking (or writing) about a person who has left us and who has left something inside us, gives us the feeling that she is somewhere close to us. Impalpable, imperceptible, but present. Somehow. Something had to be left that would last a little longer. It was necessary to make her known, albeit in an incomplete and fragmented way, even to those who did not know her. Many contributions, from Italy to Africa, outline a memory that honours a debt of affection and esteem towards Piera, but at the same time recalls intuitions and choices that remain relevant for Doctors with Africa CUAMM.
 If you would like to request the publication, please write to cuamm@cuamm.org or call 049/8751279.

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