13 October 2020

Choosing to act to make things better

2020-10-15T12:57:07+02:0013 October 2020|

Memuna Kemal Siraj works at the Turmi Hospital in South Omo, Ethiopia, where Doctors with Africa CUAMM strives to improve maternal and child health. Here her story.  

9 October 2020

Fight against Covid-19 in Gambella Region

2020-10-15T12:55:58+02:009 October 2020|

Doctors with Africa CUAMM has launched an emergency intervention in the Gambela Region in Ethiopia, aimed at reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19 in the refugee camps.  

5 October 2020

The community: the protagonist of change

2020-10-05T14:54:30+02:005 October 2020|

The PLA - "Participatory Learning and Action"- is an approach that facilitates communities’ engagement in making their own decisions on issues that affect their lives.  

24 September 2020

The importance of coffee for safe childbirth

2020-10-02T16:19:55+02:0024 September 2020|

“Coffee ceremonies” in Ethiopia are meetings that allow mothers to interact with community health workers and share their experiences on the topic of maternal and child health.