«It was March 2018 when I joined Doctors with Africa CUAMM. A five-year path of growing, commitment and achievements that I am proud of. To become, just today, a country administrator assistant in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. My adventure in the organisation started as an accountant. Then, in Bo city, I took on the role of accounting supervisor for the “Saving lives phase II” project, a consortium programme of eight international NGOs, funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). Here I coordinated the financial operations and activities of two accountants in Bonthe and Pujehun districts, under the mentorship and support of my colleague Giampaolo De Notari.

In May 2020, a step forward! I was delighted to accept the position of administrator of the same project that I had previously followed as an accountant, also “Saving lives phase II”, being the first Sierra Leone national staff CUAMM entrusted a role held by an International staff. Thanks to Cristiano Bassanini, the project coordinator, for his recommendation. It was an advanced role with more responsibilities ranging from budget management, financial reporting, forecasting, treasury management, risk management and office administration as well as communicating with donor and partners.

After five years, I continue to appreciate every aspect of my work in the administration and finance roles. The recognition that CUAMM has shown me over time not only gratifies me, but also makes me realise that I am heard and that my contribution also counts. The challenges that arise are daily; facing them takes time, perseverance and a positive attitude. With the right mindset and practices I am able to overcome them and grow in the process. Being part of Doctors with Africa CUAMM has has enhanced my skills, knowledge and experience a lot. I would like to thank CUAMM for the trust and confidence it’s always bestowed on me!».

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