In three years, with the programme ‘’Mothers and children first’’, there have been 188.829 assisted births; 7.199 acute malnourished children taken care of and 73.593 monitored. This happens in 10 african hospitals.

Today took place in Florence the 2019 Doctors with Africa CUAMM Annual Meeting, dedicated to talk about the commitment, the stories and the results of a working year: from the programme ‘’Mothers and children first’’ to the Mozambique emergency, specifically the reconstruction after the Cyclone Idai.

After the welcome words by the city authorities followed mayor Dario Nardella and cardinal Giuseppe Betori speach, which highlighted the long Florence city solidarity tradition. Then was the time of CUAMM authories, doctors and volunteers, including Damiano Cantone: he survived a terrible plane crash that happened in 2018, South Sudan. Those have been his touching words: “the thread that devides us between saving and beeing saved is subtle. In an instant I’ve found myself from doctor to patient, being saved from young South Sudanese people”.

“Europe will invest extra 40 billion euros in the next seven year for Africa. The public aids aren’t enough, we need an agreement with this continent-  said Paolo Gentiloni, European Commissioner for the Economic Affairs-. Talking about Doctors with Africa CUAMM, that hosts us today, it’s necessary to work with Africa and not just for Africa. Africa grown up like asian growth percentage, yet poverty rate isn’t decreasing with the same rithm: to make sure this happens we need a stronger agreement with Africa. China or Russia can do the same as Europe. The european countries should stop searching their geopolithical interests in Africa. We make use of the quality that Europe can give to Development Cooperation, thanks also to the voluntary sector and the organizations that emerged in Europe”.

On stage there were Gentiloni and Romano Prodi. Romano Prodi, interviewed by Piero Badaloni, remembered just today the fall of the Berlin Wall: “Thirty years ago, with the Wall fall, there was a big relief, they talked about the end of History. Then we had to change our minds. Now we see a regional power proliferation. There’s not going to be a global war, but a lot of separated global wars, just like Pope Francesco said. We’ll also have a restless world because the regional powers want to establish themselves: that’s the Europe lack. We should perform a big political plan, entirely disinteresting the relationship with Africa”.

Africa talked through Nazira Vali Abdula Karimo’s voice, Health Minister in Mozambique. She brought an update at Beira’s situation, where CUAMM has an important role for reconstuction after the Cyclone Idai passage in March 2019. Nazira Vali Abdula Karimo said: “We are a developing country, aware that our health care system is very fragile, but after that cyclone we have a reconstruction plan that wants to look ahead. CUAMM operates in Mozambique since 1978, after three years of its indipendence, and it supported us in plans and strategies creation. Every Africa aid, to be effective, should be in accordance with our strategic plans. Doctors with Africa CUAMM has this particolarity, on my own behalf and all Mozambique people, I want to thank them”.

Emanuela Del Re, vice Minister of the Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, declared:”Italy is a country that does a lot for Africa. For example, in order to support Mozambique, we have allocated 24 million euros in cooperation projects. I am honored to be here. CUAMM is a model that produces long-term susteinable development. Concerning the partnership we have to work together, involving many actors: private sector, churches, governments and universities. It’s necessary to create a system and build with Africa people’s future. Everyone counts”.

Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) president, dedicates some words to young people and to the dialogue with Africa: “Today we have many very good young people for the speakers, but I can feel too much familiar air. I like as well the with: I consider you just like me, not different, not an object. Giorgio La Pira talked about ‘’Eurafrica’’ and said that Europe and Africa are an unique continent. Who’s located in the other edge of the sea isn’t a rival but a brother, a friend, someone to support” .

Don Dante Carraro, CUAMM director, concludes: “Africa is a challenge that we have learned to know and love. What we’ve seen today happened thanks to us, our doctors and all the volunteers. We are in Mozambique, always with Africa, together through thick and thin. We also need resourses. Emergencies are not always on budget. Knowing that heart and passion are the real push to do things, to change the way of living. Those aspects lead to a real change”. And remembering Alberto Fanfani and Marta Danisi, added: “Alberto and Marta were two young florentines. He was a postgraduate and she was a nurse. They supported CUAMM and dreamed about Africa. On 14 August 2018, they found each other on Morandi bridge. I like to think that they are here with us dreaming, fighting, trying to realize a right and beautiful world, more dignified for everyone”.

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