We are celebrating triple digits: 100 studies published in international scientific journals since 2013! Leading journals, the likes of Lancet, British Medical Journal, and Paediatrics, have published our work over these years, making it accessible to others and supporting CUAMM’s ongoing dialogue with universities, research centers, and international institutions. We need hardly say that this produces top-notch scientific discussion, whose results we see in the field. Just for two examples of problems addressed in response to research, birth cushions were developed in Uganda, and a model of the spread of Ebola was devised in Sierra Leone to identify where to act if there are future epidemics.

These 100 studies have increased by the year. In 2018, we were proud to see many authors under 35. Out of the 23 studies published that year, 15 were by young doctors who had ventured to Africa with CUAMM where they did research while also working in hospitals and health centers.

As Anacleto Dal Lago wrote in 1984, “Field research is part of broader research that aims to define new models and interventions of cooperation.” This is the path we want to stay on, both in terms of studies and contributing to a rich culture of scientific research among those who work, as we do, in the global south and among young people and our supporters.

This is the direction of the workshop “From research to the field: Implementation research in limited-resource countries”, organized with Federspecializzandi for Saturday afternoon on this November 9 in Florence at CUAMM’s Annual Meeting. This seminar is for young doctors, researchers, and residents to take a closer look at operational research and listen to those who make it happen with CUAMM in Africa. This is the common thread joining different worlds and experiences: quality care.

If you are interested in participating, register here.



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