Over the past few weeks, more than 33,000 people have arrived in Awerial County, leaving their villages submerged by water.

Doctors with Africa CUAMM has been present in the area for several years and, considering that the increase in population could put pressure on health centres that are already poor in resources, has decided to organize mobile clinics to reach people directly in the new settlements, to identify and treat cases of malaria, diarrhoea, malnutrition and respiratory diseases on the spot, as well as ensure antenatal visits and vaccinations for children.

As part of the new intervention, awareness-raising activities were also organized involving local radios, to broadcast messages on health, hygiene and infection prevention, reaching, at least virtually, the highest possible number of people.

Among displaced people, without guaranteed sanitation and with poor access to food and clean water, the risk of cholera epidemics or other infectious diseases is always very high. In addition to food and water, medicines are needed for patients and personal protective equipment, increasingly difficult to find, for health professionals.

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