8 April 2021

Vaccinate to cure

2021-04-08T16:04:43+02:008 April 2021|

The anti-covid vaccination campaign has begun at the Saint Luke Hospital of Wolisso in Ethiopia where there has been a big increase of positive cases in the last month, some of them with very serious conditions.

8 March 2021

International Women’s Day Two portraits of determination

2021-03-08T09:55:37+01:008 March 2021|

Martha and Inocencia are among the women who make up 55% of the staff working daily on Doctors with Africa CUAMM projects. Women are the majority of those working with us to change for the health of women themselves and their entire communities.  
3 March 2021

Making a difference with migrant people

2021-03-03T15:10:29+01:003 March 2021|

On Sunday, February 28, our volunteers from Bari went to the countryside around Foggia, to keep doing check-ups and distributing food to the migrant people who live there. As usual, Aadyta, a cultural mediator from Mauritius,  has joined the volunteers, to help them in their work.  
17 February 2021


2021-02-17T16:15:02+01:0017 February 2021|

New IT system delivered by Doctors with Africa CUAMM to San Patrignano community. Funded by the U.S. Government through the “Italian Response to Covid-19” project, the new equipment has been helping to keep running the services of the community even during the pandemic, including consultations with external doctors and therapists and meeting with families, for the health and wellbeing of the hosts.