1 October 2015

Un privilegio difficile A difficult privilege

2018-05-04T12:24:37+02:001 October 2015|

A book about the work and the long history of Doctors with Africa CUAMM, written by Pietro Veronese, journalist of the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica", with photos from Angola, Mozambique and Uganda by Enrico Bossan.

30 June 2015

Our work in Angola

2019-06-19T12:22:04+02:0030 June 2015|

In 2017 The country saw a very weak economic recovery, after oil prices had collapsed, and, after 38 years, a new president from the MPLA, the ruling party, João Lourenço, was elected. In this context, we developed a new undertaking in Luanda, having completed the intervention to improve diabetes and hypertension diagnoses in [...]

30 June 2015

Mothers and children first

2015-06-30T10:43:48+02:0030 June 2015|

A project to ensure free access to safe delivery and infant care in Africa: 4 countries, 4 hospitals, 22 peripheral health facilities, 1.300.000 inhabitants involved. Just one claim: "Mothers and children first", because we want to guarantee mother-child health in Africa.

30 June 2015

Angola Our history

2015-06-30T09:51:19+02:0030 June 2015|

In Angola since 1997, today CUAMM is working in the capital Luanda and in the provinces of Uige and Cunene, focusing its attention on mother-child health and on the fight against HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.