Doctors with Africa CUAMM, with the support of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, has launched an emergency intervention in the Gambela Region in Ethiopia, aimed at reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19 in the refugee camps of Nguenyyiel, Tierkidi and Jewi, where thousands of South Sudanese refugees, who fled the country during the civil war, reside. The Gambela Region hosts over 300,000 refugees distributed in seven camps including that of Nguenyyiel, which represents the most densely populated camp and consequently the one with the highest epidemiological risk.

The project, lasting for four months, also develops in the neighboring area of the camp, in the Woreda of Itang. It provides extraordinary support to the isolation centers, equipped for the management of Covid-19 as well as ensuring the continuity of essential health services in the affected area, primarily those related to maternal and child health. The intervention focuses on staff training, on raising awareness and promoting good hygiene, health and nutritional practices, in particular for the prevention of the main communicable diseases. It also deals with providing individual protection materials for the healthcare personnel, who are involved in this project and are serving at the screening and isolation facilities in the three camps and in Woreda.


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