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19 March 2021


2021-03-19T13:58:54+01:0019 March 2021|

Fathers are often marginal figures in Africa, as parental responsibilities are mainly a duty of women. Anyhow, their active role in the family is essential for the health of children.

18 March 2021


2021-03-22T10:56:58+01:0018 March 2021|

Global emergencies demand global responses, and Africa cannot be left out. A vaccination program is clearly imperative there as well: not only is it the right thing to do, it will also help ensure everyone’s wellbeing, as it is the only way to put an end to the spread of this virus and its variants.

9 March 2021

Cuamm launches an intervention in the Tigray region

2021-03-09T15:40:19+01:009 March 2021|

In the north of Ethiopia, the situation is dire. Thanks to the support of CEI, Doctors with Africa CUAMM, is launching an intervention to support several health centers that have been severely damaged in the conflict. The people, most of whom have been displaced, need everything: food, clean water, and medicine. The threat of Covid 19 is making the situation worse, spreading rapidly in Africa too.

27 January 2021

Emergency Cyclone Eloise in Mozambique

2021-01-27T17:17:09+01:0027 January 2021|

The night between January 22nd and 23rd 2021, Tropical Cyclone Eloise (category 1) made landfall in the already fragile Province of Sofala hit, exactly in Buzi District, 30 km south to Beira City, in central Mozambique.

22 January 2021

The results of the work in Goro Woreda Ethiopia

2021-01-21T14:45:52+01:0022 January 2021|

Helping mothers and children to survive and thrive has always been the main goal of Doctors with Africa CUAMM’s commitment, particularly in the most challenging contexts.

18 January 2021

The mothers’ song of hope

2021-01-18T15:44:22+01:0018 January 2021|

The testimony of Alessandra Gossetto and Matteo Arata Jpo in Gynecology and Obstetrics at PCMH, the reference hospital for maternal and child health in Sierra Leone.

7 January 2021

Between elections and a pandemic a suspended Christmas in Bangui

2021-01-05T16:49:50+01:007 January 2021|

This past Christmas was a suspended Christmas. Due to the limitations on travel in Italy and between the various countries, many found themselves spending this day away from loved ones and very often stuck in the city where they live and work. But what is it like to spend Christmas in Africa at this time [...]

5 January 2021

A new-born cry to greet 2021

2021-01-05T14:35:33+01:005 January 2021|

On December 31st at 11 pm in Chiulo, Angola, Giorgio Pellis's phone rings: there is an obstetric emergency and Alice, the Angolan doctor who works in the hospital, asks for support in managing the birth beacuse the child struggles to be born.