On the 70th anniversary of Doctors with Africa CUAMM, Pope Francis welcomed the director Father Dante Carraro in a private audience due to the anti-covid restrictions. A special moment for our “big family” to motivate once more the passion and challenges of an increasingly necessary commitment “with Africa”.

“I brought our Africa to Pope Francis – is the excited comment of Father Dante – the greeting and the embrace of our Bishop Claudio, of the Church of Padua and of the many volunteers and operators who spend every day on the field close to the poorest. You were all there, with me: lives, families, and stories with their load of tears and smiles, with the joy for the successes and the fatigue for the obstacles that make the journey bumpy. I told him about some good results achieved but also about the many concerns for a continent increasingly excluded from the world that matters, or that thinks to matter, including an anti-covid vaccination plan that is struggling to take off. I share with everyone, volunteers, friends and supporters the excitement and energy of feeling Pope Francis by our side, like an old friend who takes you by the arm and helps you not to give up “.


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