28 September 2017


2017-09-28T13:09:13+02:0028 September 2017|

Last Friday in Luanda, Angola, CUAMM hosted the first workshop related to a program for diabetes and hypertension screening in patients with tuberculosis. This is a new challenge in our ongoing battle against chronic diseases, a topic that is still little known in Africa.

9 February 2017

Angola Good news for TB programmes

2017-02-09T12:06:51+02:009 February 2017|

In Sub-Saharan Africa, TB programmes rarely include NCD screening, but a project in Angola is proving it can be done with great success.

18 July 2016

Angola Congress of the Angolan Society of Diabetology

2016-07-18T11:12:35+02:0018 July 2016|

Doctors with Africa Cuamm took part in the Congress of the Angolan Society of Diabetology. Attending were Doctors Eric Lonla, Joseph Nsuka and Sonia Ezaquiela, who are working on a project to improve diabetes and hypertension diagnoses in tuberculosis patients (TB).