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9 March 2021

Cuamm launches an intervention in the Tigray region

2021-03-09T15:40:19+01:009 March 2021|

In the north of Ethiopia, the situation is dire. Thanks to the support of CEI, Doctors with Africa CUAMM, is launching an intervention to support several health centers that have been severely damaged in the conflict. The people, most of whom have been displaced, need everything: food, clean water, and medicine. The threat of Covid 19 is making the situation worse, spreading rapidly in Africa too.

30 November 2020

Among tradition and change being born in Capo Delgado

2020-11-30T16:59:20+01:0030 November 2020|

“The first 1,000 days” project deals with future mothers and their children, from pregnancy to the first 2 years of life, in the rural districts of Balama and Montepuez, in the Province of Cabo Delgado, Mozambique. and children in Cabo Delgado.

17 April 2019

With the future in our heart

2019-04-19T12:17:37+02:0017 April 2019|

Doctors with Africa CUAMM, MSD Italia and Merck for Mothers working in partnership for mothers and children in Ethiopia.