Doctors with Africa CUAMM and ARES Italia-Marche join forces in the fight against Covid-19 in the Marche region, with a partnership that will allow CUAMM to support the ARES Italia-Marche field hospital, consisting of 14 inflatable tents, providing care for 150 patients a day. As part of the “Italian Response to Covid-19” project, funded by the United States government through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Doctors with Africa CUAMM will provide the field hospital with material needed for pre-triage and intake.

As part of the same project, Doctors with Africa CUAMM already supports the community hospitals of Chiaravalle, Cingoli, and Arcevia in the Marche. The field hospital will be the fourth hospital supported in the Marche region and the fifteenth in Italy to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

“CUAMM’s work in the Marche, as in the past in Arquata del Tronto where it acted during the 2016 earthquake, showed us the extraordinary importance and significance of national and international solidarity in the difficult times that have struck our community,” says Mario Caroli, Marche Regional Healthcare Representative and Director of the Hospital of Jesi Hospital. And he adds: “This lets us in the region of Marche, which has too often been afflicted by disasters, to strengthen and enhance our individual and collective commitment, to achieve objectives that will allow us to strengthen our ability to “give back” the help we received through further collaborations of CUAMM with our Campal Health Facility, used in situations of national and international disasters in the last 20 years.”


Don Dante Carraro, Doctors with Africa CUAMM’s director, adds:

We started our work in the Marche, as in other areas of Italy, to make ourselves useful through our doctors who have returned to communities that have so often supported us with their generosity. With our distinguishing spirit of going to the furthest outposts, here we are also supporting the most outlying health facilities, which have not been spared by Covid-19. On the contrary, this virus shows us that we are all connected, that we can all find ourselves vulnerable in the face of a new health emergency. Today we are putting our experience in managing epidemics to work for Italy, and this partnership with ARES is also a sign of, and hope for, the future that we can together face health threats and meet needs on a global level. We are keeping our eye on Africa too, which has been so severely afflicted by ongoing calamities and emergencies, not least the cyclone in Mozambique and the instability in Ethiopia and the Central African Republic.


With the agreement recently made, ARES and CUAMM have decided to start a strategic collaboration that both serves as an example and lays the foundations for future humanitarian interventions that are timely and effective when facing epidemics, natural disasters, and other calamities in Italy and Africa.

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