In 2013, the cost of interventions in the countries where Doctors with Africa CUAMM operates amounted to 12,947,905 euros. Of this total:

  • 85.8% (11,109,339 euros) was directly invested in the Organization’s key cooperation projects and in hundreds of ongoing microsupport activities;
  • the remaining amount was used to cover operating costs (7.7%) and awareness-building, communications and fund-raising costs (6.5%).

The direct and indirect beneficiaries were reached thanks to the dedication and commitment of hundreds of local workers and 168 expatriate aid workers. Head office staff was supported by hundreds of volunteers throughout Italy.

The indexes and graphs presented herein refer solely to the work of the not-for profit NGO for the year 2013:

Uscite Cuamm 2013

2013 - Investimenti nei progetti Cuamm

2013 - Entrate Cuamm

2013 - Finanziamenti istituzionali Cuamm


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