In 2020

Despite the ongoing crisis, Doctors with Africa CUAMM has redoubled its support for the local health system, providing health and nutrition services to over one million people. We have supported 11 county health offices, 5 hospitals, and 135 peripheral health facilities, connected via a guaranteed ambulance service. Diagnosis and treatment of acute, moderate and severe malnutrition, and admissions for complications, were integrated at 52 sites. Nutritional support was also offered to AIDS and TB patients and their families. On the ground, around 1,500 community agents were deployed and trained, ensuring nutritional screening and treatment of malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia in remote areas, and volunteers were supported in conducting vaccination drives. Mobile health teams were also deployed as the primary response to the needs of populations displaced by clashes and floods. Following the notification of the first cases of Covid-19 in South Sudan, Doctors with Africa CUAMM committed to creating the right conditions at health facilities to ensure that staff can work safely and patients can continue to receive proper care through training, providing PPE, improving the level of hygiene, reorganising spaces, and carrying out screening upon entry to the facilities. Isolation areas were set up in hospitals and support was given to help decentralise diagnostics. At community level, work was also done to inform and raise awareness about the pandemic, and how to prevent and manage it. Despite government restrictions on the operation of schools, including the Institutes of Health Sciences, the midwifery course at Lui Hospital managed to complete its first year and Doctors with Africa CUAMM intervened to facilitate training leading up to the diploma in nursing and midwifery for students at the Institute attached to Rumbek Hospital. Lastly, Doctors with Africa CUAMM continued to provide basic services in the marshy areas around Port Nyal (Unity State) with 4 first aid posts, while also running an emergency operating theatre.

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