In 2017

As the crisis deepened, CUAMM enhanced its support for 8 county health offices, 4 hospitals, 92 peripheral health facilities with missions in the communities, vaccinations, and ambulance service.
Our support for the Lui midwifery school led 20 students to complete their degrees. Our interventions together affected over a million people. CUAMM focused its assistance in the area of Nyal (former Unity State), which was the most unstable area, with thousands of displaced persons in an almost inaccessible area, by building an operating room in the health center to ensure access to Cesarean section and by creating a healthcare network in the most remote locations. We built and stocked with medicine 4 first aid posts where the health staff permanently provided basic services and formed a mobile team to serve most of the wetland area.
In December, we extended the program to include 4 new county health offices, 72 peripheral health facilities and a hospital.

Our history

Started renovation and reopening of the Yirol Hospital.
Our action extended to the Lui Hospital.
Conflict in the country made CUAMM face a severe humanitarian emergency.
CUAMM aided displaced persons, opened a school for midwives in Lui and started the intervention in Cueibet.
Started “Mothers and Children First 1,000 Days” program, from pregnancy through the first two years of the child’s life.
Emergency in South Sudan, a still open wound.

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