163 people representing 79 different faith-based organizations from across the globe, mainly from the Africa Region, but also Europe, Brazil, Pakistan and USA, subscribed to the online training on Leadership and networking skills organized by CUAMM thanks to the support of the Conrad N.  Hilton Foundation.

The training aimed at addressing two fundamental issues: leadership skills and the ability and importance of networking in health cooperation projects, where building strong connections between religious congregations, government partners, and institutions, is crucial.

Despite the key role played by FBOs in the provision of healthcare services to the most vulnerable populations, numerous challenges undermine their capacity and efficiency such as lack of human resources, weak capacity in disaster management and financial constraints. The training moved from the need to strengthen FBOs capacity in building strong collaborations and partnerships that can indeed make a difference in their health service provision therefore in people’s life.

Why is networking so important? How do you find donors? Which are the key to effective health management?

Those and many others were the questions addressed in the training on leadership and networking skills, attended on June 26. Following the opening remarks by CUAMM Director General – Father Dante Carraro, three modules have been offered to the participants:

  • “Connect, strengthen and empower Faith-Based Organisations in delivering healthcare services” Mr. Andrea Atzori – Head of International Relations at CUAMM
  • “Supporting Faith-Based Organizations delivering Healthcare in Africa” Dr. Parotto – Clinical Advisor and Anesthesiologist, Padua’s University Hospital
  • “Partnerships with Governments & Local Authorities: the experience of UCMB” Dr. Kasyaba – Assistant Executive Secretary of the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB)

The training is part of a wider package designed for FBOs representatives aiming at fostering their competencies on multiple aspects ranging from health facility management to disaster preparedness to monitoring and evaluation and more. The activity is promoted by Doctors with Africa CUAMM in the context of “Supporting FBOs on the frontline of healthcare service delivery in Africa” program launched in 2019 with the final goal of strengthening the capacity and resilience of staff working in faith-based health facilities through trainingtechnical assistance and advocacy activities. Since its launch in 2019, 133 faith-based organizations in 26 countries in sub-Saharan Africa have been involved in “Supporting FBOs on the frontline of healthcare service delivery in Africa” program.

Faith-Based organizations (FBOs) are indeed crucial in delivering quality health services to the most vulnerable populations in Africa. Often located in the last mile, FBOs are frequently on the front lines of service delivery; they are in close contact with local communities and can recognize and address the real needs of the poorest, delivering up to 70% of health services in low and middle income countries. However, FBOs are often neglected in terms of supplies, human resources and funding and are not integrated into the healthcare system.



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