On April 25th CUAMM celebrates World Malaria Day to raise awareness on the incredible opportunity we have to eliminate one of the oldest and deadliest diseases. According to the World malaria report 2018, there were 219 million cases of the disease in 2017, compared to 217 million in 2016. Among the 10 highest burden African countries, there were 3.5 million more cases in 2017 over the previous year.

In Mozambique, in Cabo Delgado province, thanks to the support of Comic Relief and in partnership with the Mozambican foundation Wiwanana, CUAMM is implementing a project to strengthen the quality and accessibility of basic malaria services, while raising awareness and increasing knowledge, attitudes and practices about malaria.

“Our experience shows that community awareness raising activities are effective and they can really improve people’s knowledge about malaria and its risks, contributing to improve their health status. In this process, the role of community activists is crucial: they go door-to-door, talk to households’ members and use illustrative materials to explain how malaria is transmitted and which prevention strategy to adopt, especially how to use and maintain mosquito nets. Finally, they identify malaria cases in the villages and provide treatment, even if drugs availability is often a problem and patients have to walk long distances to access treatment. In light of this challenges, community sensitization and prevention is key.”

Piera Fogliati, Project Manager

CUAMM will celebrate the day by taking part to a national event in the city of Pemba, at the presence of the Ministry of Health and other NGOs, supporting education and awareness raising activities.

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